Create. Exchange. Organize.

Create new connections, exchange cards with others and organize your contacts. All in one app.

Save the trees. Save the fees. Network with ease.

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BridgeCard™ - Create. Exchange. Organize.

Our Mission

Save the trees. Save the fees. Network with ease.

Save the trees.

With the 10,000,000,000 business cards printed annually, close to 90% of them are thrown away within the first week. With BridgeCard™, it is a completely digital service so we can save as many trees as we can.

Save the fees.

Create one BridgeCard and have it forever. Never will you need to print a box of a 1,000 business cards ever again. As your business card information updates you can update your BridgeCard™ to make sure all your contacts have your up to date contact information. Paper cards can’t do that...

Network with ease.

The number 1 reason business cards get thrown away is because the user doesn’t need the service right now. Simplify the business card process with an all-in-one hub for the creation, exchanging, and organizing of your BridgeCards.

Create. Exchange. Organize.

Create new cards. Exchange them with other professionals. Organize all your contacts.

BridgeCard™ - Create. Exchange. Organize.

Create your own personalized virtual “BridgeCard”.


Exchange BridgeCards to spark new, valuable relationships.


Keep your Bridges organized and available whenever you need their service.

How It Works

Watch our video to learn how easy it is to Bridge new connections.


Take a sneak peak into the app.

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E-Card Creation

Ability to pick your template and design your BridgeCard™ unique to yourself and your business

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Easy Exchange

Share your BridgeCards easily via text, email or by adding nearby users

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Store your BridgeCards in your contacts for easy access

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Hyperlinked Cards

Link your business card information for easy contact with your Bridges

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Folders - Coming soon!

Keep your contacts even more organized with personalized folders for easy grouping and easy access

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Search Board

Ability to search for business positions and/or recommend users to your connections (Bridges)

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Jot down notes on the back of the users card about your interaction, the users hobbies and other information

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Activity Feed

Keep track of your Bridges and your BridgeCard™ activity


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Rick C
President of FiNet, Inc

BridgeCard™ is the future of business card and contact exchange. This technology is long overdue and BridgeCard™ makes it easy and simple to aggregate all business and personal relationships. This allows communications to be expanded and streamlined. Now we can finally do away with the antiquated business card!

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Craig Zamary

Say good-bye to traditional printed business cards. I love it because I can create a business card in less than a minute, share, receive and organize the cards at the touch of my fingertips in one app. Very cool.

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Zachary Melchiorre
Account Specialist at HP Manufacturing

Being able to receive and send business cards on my phone is amazing! It adds some fun and a short conversation to exchanging business cards. The customization and transfer of information is seamless. BridgeCard is my favorite networking app!